Larissa is a cross-sector creative working in film, design, technology and fashion. She is the CEO of the TimeJump Media conglomerate, In 2019, Larissa founded Bright Horizons International, an NGO dedicated to helping survivors of human trafficking achieve lifelong success, stability and autonomy via business ownership. She has been featured in Forbes, The Wall St. Journal and The Hollywood Reporter.


About Larissa


Producer, screenwriter, director and actor.

Larissa has contributed to projects for Universal, Fox, Paramount and more. An award-winning writer, Larissa's screenplays have been celebrated by movie industry insiders as being "a breath of fresh air...Hollywood's next big writer...thrilling and imaginative" among other accolades. Her directorial debut, a short film that Larissa also wrote and produced, premiered at the the 2015 Cannes International Film Festival to critical acclaim.

Technologist and futurist.

Larissa is a globally sought-after technology expert. She has established name for herself from her contributions leading transformative digital experiences for some of the world's most beloved brands.

Model, designer, creative director

Larissa's serves as Chief Creative officer for The Road to Vintage Fashion Show. From her early days as a model, design and fashion have been integral cornerstones of creative expression throughout Larissa's life. 

Storyteller + dreamweaver

Throughout history, humans have woven a tapestry of stories through spoken words, songs, materials and visual media. These stories have been passed down through generations. Larissa translates her observations of the world into rich, compelling tales with a fantastical twist, exploring what it means to have a soul.

Activist and supporter of human rights

Larissa aims to mentor, source traditional and non-traditional avenues to truthful education, identify opportunities, and help prepare today’s youth not only for leadership and service roles, but to become strong, competent, and confident role models. She is dedicated to working toward the obliteration trafficking and enslavement.

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