Larissa Lowthorp, FRSA, is a celebrated tech visionaryfilm producer, screenwriter and designer, who leverages mixed media to touch hearts and transform lives.

Larissa's work, philosophy, and predictions as a sought-after technology expert have been featured in Forbes and The Wall Street Journal. 


A multi-faceted creator, lauded as a Renaissance Person by The Vivant magazine, Larissa is a Fellow of the esteemed Royal Society of Arts who expresses her vision through film as a producer and screenwriter. The Hollywood Reporter featured Larissa as a key voice advocating for diversity in motion pictures. 

In her work across the spectrum of entertainment, design, applied science, and philanthropy, Larissa fosters positive social change to create more equitable communities, advancing discovery of untrod avenues to eradicate systemic injustice and poverty through truthful education. For these contributions, Welum Magazine awarded Larissa a coveted place among their Women Who Inspire honorees.


Larissa is a dedicated student of life who is drawn to amplify unheard voices, untold stories, and expose the underbelly of oppression. To that end, Arianna Huffington's Thrive Global named her a Social Impact Hero and Authority Magazine hailed Larissa as a "person of enormous influence.


About Larissa

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Film producer and screenwriter:

Larissa, a member of the Alliance for Women in Media,  has worked with Warner Bros., Universal, Fox, and Paramount. An award-winning writer of short stories, Larissa's feature-length screenplays are praised by entertainment industry insiders as being "a breath of fresh air...Hollywood's next big writer...thrilling and imaginative" among other accolades. Her directorial debut, a short film she also wrote and produced, premiered at the the prestigious Cannes Film Festival.

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Technologist and futurist:

Larissa is a globally sought technology expert and thought leader. She established name for herself as the leading architect and information engineer of transformative apps and digital experiences for the world's most influential, beloved brands. Her contributions to the IT sector, which support financial assets in excess of $875 billion US dollars, are used daily by millionsLarissa leans on her ECFE teaching background to mentor gifted, at-risk youth in preparation for STEM education and careers.

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Designer + creative director: 

Art, fashion, and design: foundational drivers of influence throughout history; these elements are integral touch-points of the human experience. From her roots, art shapes Larissa's worldview and is is a vital cornerstone of her means of creative expression.


Storyteller + dreamweaver:


Through the ages, humans have woven a tapestry of stories through language, song, dance, varied  materials and visuals. These accounts transcend time, as well as the finite nature of Earthly existence, to convey our legacy, emotions and cultures across generations. Larissa translates her observations of the world into rich, compelling tales with a fantastical twist, as she explores the hidden depths of life, humanity, spirituality and soul via film and written word.


Voice of the unheard:

A vocal activist for human rights and freedom of press, Larissa works to source innovative avenues to truthful education, identify opportunities, and mentor today’s youth in preparation for leadership and service roles. Larissa is dedicated to working toward the obliteration of poverty, enslavement and human trafficking.