Human rights + social justice advocacy

Larissa is a vocal human rights advocate. She is dedicated to working toward the obliteration trafficking and enslavement.


Larissa has been an invited speaker on the subject of human trafficking, its cost to targeted and vulnerable populations, its impact on rural communities, and the decades-long epidemic of missing and under-reported Black and First Nations women across North America.


She is an active champion of prevention, awareness, exit support networks, survivor reintegration/rehabilitation programs, and establishment of federal legal rights for survivors. In her spare time, Larissa mentors youth and volunteers her time to causes she is passionate about.

Larissa, social change agent.

/CHānj/ /ˈājənt/


  1. a person or thing that takes an active role or produces a specified effect.

  2. a person who campaigns to bring about political or social change.
    "sleek designs that press all the fashionistas' buttons"


  1. involving or causing a complete and dramatic change.

A vocal advocate

Eradication of enslavement + trafficking

Larissa actively supports the eradication of global hunger and poverty and providing free, accessible, and truthful education to all. Larissa works to advance the agency of women around globe. She has a particular interest in helping survivors of emotional abuse, psychological torture, and those impacted by non-military onset post-traumatic stress disorder and Stockholm syndrome. Her  theories around the psychological origins of trauma survival, re-establishing the psychic equilibrium and nurturing the capacity to center the self, thereby enabling survivors to thrive, form the basis of her research.

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Supportive outreach

Helping survivors thrive

Larissa is the founder Bright Horizons Intl., an NGO dedicated to pioneering a new model of business ownership assisting post-exit trafficking and enslavement survivors as they rebuild their lives. The organization provides supportive outreach to families globally looking toward realizing lifelong stability and autonomy through business ownership. The organization is in the seed stage of development

Art Fun
Youth outreach

Mentorship + outreach

Larissa strives to be a positive influence and role model for youth worldwide by encouraging them to embrace their individuality and to pursue their interests and passions in varied fields encompassing the arts and sciences. She aims to mentor, source traditional and non-traditional avenues to truthful education, identify opportunities, and help prepare today’s youth not only for leadership and service roles, but to become strong, competent, and confident role models themselves.

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