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Larissa is a film, design, technology, and fashion creative  She has lived in the Twin Cities, Toronto, and Los Angeles. Her passion for life and learning has provided her with a number of unique opportunities.


Her expertise as a leading authority on human-computer interaction has been sought out by some of the world's top brands, who noted her original approach.  Larissa is the founder and president of the TimeJump Media technology and entertainment conglomerate.



Early life

Larissa was raised in rural Minnesota. Her mother is a writer and former business development leader; her father was an inventor and engineer whose innovations were pivotal in the advancement of modern computing, electronics, and connected devices. Their combined talents set the stage for Larissa's hybrid approach to technology and creative arts. Larissa has two sisters. 


Her love for acting and performance art took hold at an early age. As a youngster, Larissa was continually singing, dancing, and staging impromptu performances for her friends and family. Larissa first took the stage as a child actress in the Young People's Theatre Traveling Troupe, where she earned numerous lead and supporting roles. Larissa's passion for the arts continued to grow. She later received piano, organ, percussion, choral, and dance training. 


Larissa's infatuation with fashion began as a designer of performance costumes for herself and fellow cast members. Shy and reserved when not onstage, wearable art became an important means of self-expression in her life. Concept evolution of her Bauhaus/Renaissance fusion fashion line Londonberry Couture, and the celestial-inspired Lunescape Collection, has continued since their 2006 inception, later branching into Visage by Larissa eyewear. In 2014, Larissa opened Rad Retreaux, a vintage-luxury boutique. 


Creative beginnings

Larissa's award-winning original artwork was first publicly exhibited at an art gallery when she was eight years old. Her artistic influences include the Dada art movement, Gustav Klimt, Vladimir Kush, Song dynastic art, Salvador Dali, M.C. Escher, Michael Hague, and Gyo Fujikawa. Larissa's art features surreal, magical, historical-mythological, and whimsical elements inspired by legends, fairy tales and folklore from around the world. 


She began designing jewelry and accessories at the age of nine, and later sold custom and ready-to-wear pieces to clients. Larissa opened her first business when she was in the seventh grade. Within a year, she had established a strong base of loyal clients.  Subsequent projects allowed Larissa to continue to explore her natural inventiveness and creativity. Rarely without a sketchbook or notepad on hand, Larissa documented the world around her in pursuit of unique ideas to positively impact people's lives. 


Larissa wrote and performed her own plays, which manifested into a lifelong love of creative writing. Her writing was first published at the age of ten, soon followed by essays, poems and lyrics, fantasy novellas, and prize-winning short stories. An early website of Larissa's was mentioned a New York Times profile on Gen-Y webmasters of the "teen domain scene" whose activities set the stage for modern blogs, digital communities and personal websites. Larissa was an invited guest of the highly selective Youth Journalism International Conference in Washington D.C.  


Under the tutelage and personal encouragement of esteemed authors Madeleine L'Engle (A Wrinkle in Time), Patricia C. Wrede (The Enchanted Forest Chronicles), Ann M. Martin (The Baby-Sitter's Club), Sherryl Jordan (The Raging Quiet), Isabel R. Marvin (A Bride for Anna's Papa), and Marion Dane Bauer (On My Honor), Larissa penned numerous award-winning poems and short stories. She later authored  four feature-length screenplays, which are currently in development for theatrical release. 

Larissa's writing inspirations and influences include: E. Nesbit, Frances Hodgson Burnett, Ruth Manning-Sanders, Roberta Neff, V.S. Naipaul, Isaac Asimov, and Edward Eager.


Expanding horizons

As a teenager, Larissa expanded into film and television performance, runway, editorial, and commercial modeling. She was first discovered by a talent scout at the Mall of America and later scouted at the IMTA convention and signed with multiple agencies. Larissa has trained with the highly regarded Jawaahir Company of Middle Eastern Dance and renowned Brazilian samba dancer Ana Oliveira. She has received training in stage, commercial, screen, runway, and voiceover disciplines from some of the industry's most successful talents, including two years of intensive workshops under Elite Model Management. 


Larissa made her directorial debut with the short film Lacuna (working title) which she also wrote, cast, and produced. The film premiered at the Cannes International Film Festival in 2015 and garnered critical acclaim for its visceral depiction of the hours immediately following a sexual assault and the onset of PTSD. 


Praise from The Independent Critic stated: "At its heart a film about women’s rights and the necessity of choice, [Lacuna] is provocative ... involving. A dark and gripping absolutely vital film to watch. Powerful...emotional...lingers in your psyche.”


Larissa has produced, coordinated, and provided marketing direction on a number of film projects, including having been tapped by Paramount to spearhead a successful guerrilla marketing campaign in partnership with Hasbro, and as chief digital strategist of regionally-targeted publicity campaigns rolled out nationwide for multiple studio blockbusters including Fox 2000's Water for Elephants, Universal's Cowboys and Aliens, and the Academy Award winning Dreamgirls for Paramount and has contributed as a regional marketing and promotions consultant and coordinator, and other Hollywood films.


Larissa conceptualized and orchestrated the information architecture and design for Jennifer Lopez' Viva Movil website and e-commerce platform. Larissa was the the mind behind architecture of a groundbreaking neuromodulation digital training platform for the world's foremost medical technology manufacturer.

Advancing Youth in Engineering, Technology, Science, and the Arts


Larissa strives to be a positive influence and role model for youth worldwide by encouraging them to embrace their individuality and to pursue their interests and passions in varied fields encompassing the arts and sciences.


Larissa aims to mentor, source traditional and non-traditional avenues to truthful education, identify opportunities, and help prepare today’s youth not only for leadership and service roles, but to become strong, competent, and confident role models themselves.


To date, Larissa has helped shape the lives of a number of youth and relishes the opportunity to continue to serve as an inspiration and make a positive difference in their lives.


Larissa is founder and chairwoman of Fem(me)Power, an NGO dedicated to the support and empowerment of business owners and entrepreneurs worldwide, and is pioneering a new model of business ownership in support of post-exit trafficking and enslavement survivors as they rebuild their lives. 


The Fem(me)Power movement helps individuals establish business  plans, connect with likeminded business partners and supporting services, obtain financing and micro-financing, craft promotional strategies, and integrate their companies into the fabric of their local communities and chosen industries with an eye toward financial stability and profitable, sustainable longevity, and success. 


Fem(me)Power provides supportive outreach to families globally looking toward realizing lifelong stability and autonomy through business ownership.


Causes and outreach


Larissa is a vocal human rights advocate. She is dedicated to working toward the obliteration trafficking and enslavement. Larissa has been an invited speaker on the subject of human trafficking, its cost to targeted and vulnerable populations, its impact on rural communities, and the decades-long epidemic of missing and under-reported Black and First Nations women across North America. She is an active champion of prevention, awareness, exit support networks, survivor reintegration/rehabilitation programs, and establishment of federal legal rights for survivors. 


Larissa actively supports the eradication of global hunger and poverty and providing free, accessible, and truthful education to all.


Larissa works to advance the agency of women around globe. She has a particular interest in helping survivors of emotional abuse, psychological torture, and those impacted by non-military onset post-traumatic stress disorder and Stockholm syndrome. 


Her  theories around the psychological origins of trauma survival, re-establishing the psychic equilibrium and nurturing the capacity to center the self, thereby enabling survivors to thrive, form the basis of her research.

Larissa, whose extensive work with children has helped inform her progression of theories regarding pre-K education, is the creator of a foundational early childhood development series, which focuses on retaining the child's natural aptitude for imagination, intuition, and empathy throughout their lives, without being subject to the social conditioning that strips away the inherent human propensity toward free-thought. All children are born with this capacity, yet the vast majority have abandoned it by adulthood.


Larissa's work focuses on retaining, harnessing, and cultivating the innate creative potential of the human psyche. The series is currently under research and development. Larissa's focus as an early childhood educator has been working with children that have unique needs, autism spectrum, and oppositional defiance disorder. 


Larissa is heavily involved with the Deaf community and is a strong proponent of Deaf rights, Deaf awareness, and the preservation of Deaf culture. Larissa is fluent in American Sign Language, having taken the initiative to teach herself in order to communicate with Deaf peers. 

Larissa is available for speaking engagements, workshops, and seminars. She volunteers her time to causes she is passionate about. 


Interests and Hobbies


Larissa works in miniatures and builds elaborately detailed fantasy scenes and gardens. She is among the most prolific crèche artists in the United States. Her well-researched nativity depictions have placed among the top three in international competition, are noted for their scale, realism, and creativity.


Her other interests include: animal welfare, ancient civilizations, quantum theory, metaphysics, the supernatural, outer space, vintage couture, and developing the human mind to its fullest potential, among other things. Larissa enjoys reading, sketching, beading, crafting, origami, travel, researching family genealogy, nature, gardening, dance, and spending time with friends and family.


Larissa is an avid collector of rare books and vintage toys. Larissa has served as a  keynote speaker at vintage toy panels and conventions around the US. 

A Debt of Gratitude


Larissa is tremendously thankful to her family, loved ones, and mentors for their personal involvement, encouragement, inspirational conversation, teachings, critiques,  criticisms, and advice. Thank you for taking the time to speak with, listen to, and mentor a young woman with a yearning soul and a passionate desire to better our world. 



Larissa is on the organizing Board of Directors for the inaugural Road to Vintage Fashion Show, to be held in Minneapolis / St. Paul Minnesota, dates to be announced. The black tie event features celebrity guests, star models, a luxury gifting suite, red carpet, and celebrates over 500 years of global fashion as interpreted by Minnesota based designers. The event is being produced by F+J Productions, founded by Farhan Chowdhury and Jacelyn P. Johnson. 

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