Larissa's infatuation with style began as a costume designer for herself and fellow cast members as a youth actress. Shy and reserved when not onstage, wearable art became an important means of self-expression in her life, more so as she entered the world of modeling as a teenager. Larissa was discovered by a talent scout at the Mall of America and was subsequently scouted at the IMTA convention, where she signed with multiple agencies. 


Larissa, the designer.


noun (informal)

  1. a person who plans the form, look, or workings of something before its being made or built, typically by drawing it in detail.

  2. one that creates and manufactures a new product style or design.
    "sleek designs that are upscale and sophisticated"

Concept evolution
Design for good

Design for good

Larissa opened her first business when she was in seventh grade. Within a year, she had established a strong base of loyal clients.  Subsequent projects, all of which featured artistic components and elements of design, allowed Larissa to continue exploration of her natural inventiveness and creativity. Rarely without a sketchbook or notepad on hand, Larissa documents the world around her to ideate and positively impact lives.

Fashion forward

Fashion forward

Larissa's artistic influences and inspirations include futurism, surrealist and brutalist design. Larissa served as Chief Creative Officer for the Road to Vintage Fashion Show, produced by F+J Productions, an event dedicated to celebration of multi-cultural fashion design while raising awareness about the human trafficking epidemic.




Concept evolution

Larissa began designing jewelry and accessories at the age of nine, and later sold custom and ready-to-wear pieces to clients. In 2014, Larissa opened Rad Retreaux, a vintage-luxury boutique. Larissa's science-fiction inspired digital bazaar,, launched in 2021. 


"Larissa is one of the most talented designers I've ever worked with...exceptional."