• Larissa Lowthorp

To my friends and loved ones in the new year

This is not a resolution; I'm not int

This is a commitment to myself and the wonderful people in my life. In 2020, I will be more focused and less distracted. I will show up, I will be fully present and more vocal in my love and appreciation of those around me that I often feel but seldom communicate.

I am here for you. Even if we haven't spoken for years, if you're reading this, you're an important part of my life. I appreciate and value you. I cheer your successes and hurt with your struggles. I'm humbled that you choose to share your life journey with me in some way, shape or form. I hope that I have been a positive force in your life and I request your forgiveness if I have ever done you wrong. I am only a call or a message away if you ever need support or just want to chat. Be blessed, dear friends, may wonderful things come your way and may your hard work result in great rewards. May the love you put out into the world return to you in infinite good. In the end, wealth and material possessions mean nothing. Love and kindness are the legacies we leave for our children and theirs. With all the havoc and upheaval, lay down strong roots with loyal people, give back, and use your light to brighten the world. I will do the same. Good will always conquer evil. Please share this if you agree.


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