• Larissa Lowthorp

American Film Market in Santa Monica, California

The first time I attended AFM, the largest film market in North America, was on a wing & a prayer. I had no money to go. I couldn't even afford a badge-I went to the hotels to network with whomever I could meet in the lobbies and lounges. My fuel was nothing more than hope, determination & a chronic case of optimism.

I'd left my corporate job about 6 months prior to pursue my dream of film full time. I'd worked hard to build a very predictable, very average life, with a lucrative career & a beautiful home. I had all the trappings of success but was wildly unhappy. My spirit was unfulfilled. I felt guilty for wanting more. Previously, I'd lost everything-I came a hair from losing my life. I thought the answer to healing and moving on was in creating a stable life so I pushed my creative dreams aside. It ate away at me for years. I worked on the fringes & orbited the industry. Finally, against all logic & advice, I had to take action though I had no idea what would come next. On my flight back from AFM, I felt a peace come over me I'd never felt before with a knowledge that I had a calling, a purpose & I was doing what I was meant to do. I made a decision then and there to walk that path. I had no idea what would come next. I threw fear & apprehension to the wind & trusted that God knew my fate. Just when it looked like I couldn't go any further, my path illuminated. It became easier to walk this road to pursue my passion than it was to live a life that wasn't meant for me. People said it was madness & asked why I'd take a blind risk? My answer was: it's was a bigger risk not to. Like so many other times in life, my heart knew the way when my brain screamed: play it safe! With the support of someone who'd been there, I gave it all up. Sold my house, donated my belongings. Hit the road with my dog & never looked back. The past 2 years delivered more challenge, change & opportunity into my life & revealed more about my purpose than I ever expected. I'm so happy & thankful. Who knows what tomorrow will bring? This film life is full of random twists. I absolutely love that. Cheers to all the wild, creative hearts in Hollywood & beyond. Promise me you'll never give up on your dreams.


Represented by: Jacelyn P. Johnson, Director

MTM Agency, Minneapolis
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