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Larissa Lowthorp, TimeJump Media Featured in the new book, The 60-Minute Startup by Ramesh Dontha

Did you see this?!

My business, TimeJump Media, is featured in a new book about how to start and grow a successful business. In fact, the book dedicates a whole chapter to how I built my company.

What’s the book all about?

The 60 Minute Startup, an amazing new book out November 7th, shows aspiring entrepreneurs how to start your own business in 1 hour a day and get your first paying customer in 30 days or less. It’s pretty much the fastest way to build a profitable business out there because it teaches how to do only those things that get you customers.

The author is Ramesh Dontha, a Fortune 100 Management Consultant, serial entrepreneur, and host of the popular podcast The Agile Entrepreneur.

P.S. Get The 60-Minute Startup on Amazon by this Saturday, November 9th, and you’ll receive 3 bonus webinars (deep dive on the 60Minute Startup, how to design a high conversion website in 60 minutes, how you can become an author too), and members-only access to our website with downloadable templates used in the book, a $1,500 value:

P.P.S. No, this is not a paid promotion! The author Ramesh Dontha interviewed me on his podcast, felt inspired by everything we’re doing at TimeJump Media, shortlisted us from a pool of 700+ businesses, and just had to include our story in the book.


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