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Road to Vintage Fashion Show: Showcasing 500 Years of Fashion

A recent chance encounter connected me to two amazing and inspiring fashion disruptors.

I am very excited to share with you that I’ve joined the Organizing Board of Directors for an incredible new project - the Road to Vintage Fashion Show by F+J Productions. Founded by Bangladeshi-American supermodel Farhan Chowdhury and actress, filmmaker and A&R exec JahPenée, the one of a kind gala is not to be missed.


ROAD TO VINTAGE FASHION SHOW is a black-tie celebration of 500+ years of fashion through modern renditions and cultures on a global scale, as interpreted by Minnesota designers.

Minnesota's vibrant creative community is a perfect backdrop illustrating the tapestry of modern creativity and fashion's historical and current impact to society. Our unique cultural legacy has spawned some of the most creative minds and revered talents within arts and entertainment, from Judy Garland to Bob Dylan to Prince.

ROAD TO VINTAGE FASHION SHOW celebrates Minnesota's history of couture originality and seeks to usher in a new Golden Era of local fashion design by elevating and promoting our homegrown artistic talent.

According to the Minneapolis Institute of Art, at the turn of the 20th century, dressmaking was the second largest employer of women in the state. This allowed local women to have gainful employment and autonomy by working for themselves or opening their own shops and a viable path toward improved economic prospects. Our partner organization, Fem(me)Power continues this initiative by helping women thrive via business ownership.

Parisian and English textile purveyors traveled to Minnesota each year to showcase new patterns and fabrics to Twin Cities designers, thus the fashions emerging locally kept pace with cosmopolitan European trends of the time.

An under-represented trend influencer and powerhouse in the global fashion industry, Minnesota is poised to make a splash on the international scene with the ROAD TO VINTAGE inaugural fashion show and event. Minnesota-based fashion designers have been seen on the covers of magazines, Fashion Week runways around the globe, with local talent influencing pop-culture sensations. Minneapolis street style and ensembles first seen at Minnesota Fashion Week have influenced popular modern styles.

We recently had our promotional shoot with the regions top models and designers and I’m super pumped! Watch for more news about the event coming soon - and our journey to Paris Fashion Week and New York Fashion week in the coming months.

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