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Larissa Lowthorp, Renaissance Woman:

Larissa recently had the opportunity to speak with celebrated author, entrepreneur and cultural commentator Dan Blacharski, for luxury lifestyle magazine THE VIVANT, where they discuss the need for equal representation for BIPOC talent in Hollywood, cutting-edge Minneapolis street style, and the Road to Vintage Fashion Show.


Larissa Featured in Bestselling New Book by Ramesh Dontha

Read about Larissa's entrepreneurial journey in the bestselling new book, The 60-Minute Startup by author and executive coach Ramesh Dontha. The book details Dontha's amazing method of getting your new business up and running in just one hour a day for 30 days. The book dedicates an entire chapter to exploring Larissa's strategy for long-term growth and success.

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People Are Talking

Jeff Anderson, General Electric

"Simply put, Larissa is fantastic...the cream of the crop...ideas far ahead of her time and us mere mortals."

Peter Belsito,

"Larissa is a major talent and a breath of fresh air.  Hollywood is in dire need of ideas like hers. She has the potential to be Hollywood's next big writer."

Sue Shellenbarger,
The Wall Street Journal

"Insightful...very intelligent and well-spoken. [Larissa's] comments were of tremendous help when writing the article."

Mike Michurski, Minneapolis Star Tribune

"Larissa is in possession of an incredible level of personal integrity and strength of character. She  has an unusually keen mind for business...highly, highly recommended."

Paula Rosario,

"Larissa is one of the most talented designers I've ever worked with...exceptional."

Jason Nguyen, Thomson Reuters

"Larissa is an excellent strategist and creative...She taught me so much. I highly recommend Larissa." 

Maria Berte,

"I am impressed...Larissa is very creative and knowledgable...she brings futuristic ideas. Fresh...modern...exceptional."

Adam Hausten,
Star Tribune

"Larissa is a talented designer...innovative. When I need someone...I call her."

Sharon Peterson, DevJam

"Larissa is a visionary...she is brilliant...absolutely brilliant."

Timothy Embretson,

"[Larissa] is never at a lack for new ideas...they can be quite out would need to be ready for them."

Brian Takle, 
US Bank

"Excellent team-builder...Larissa was the lead for a high-profile, high complexity UX"

Jennifer Schmidt, Best Buy

"Superb...I recognized Larissa's remarkable potential and promise as soon as I saw her work."

Ri Zoldak,
Ameriprise Financial

"Larissa has a great attitude and the right mindset...big picture thinker."

Penny Hage,
Minnesota Public Library

"Larissa's mind belongs at a place like MIT or in a think tank."

 Kara McCormick, 
Little Stars

"Larissa would thrive in a world such as 'Dinotopia'...her mind works differently, she has that creativity."

Elizabeth Hansing,
BHK Enterprises

"A visionary in her approach...extraordinary...Larissa tells a courageous story."

Scott Jones,
Artist View Entertainment

"Great ideas...I remember [Larissa's] concepts over a year later...they stand out...they could find a home at at Disney, Pixar or Nickelodeon."

Craig Kellogg,

General Electric

"It would be appreciated if Larissa could tone it down...we don't move that fast."

Harris Tulchin,

Tulchin & Associates Ltd.

"Excellent, original concepts...looking forward to reading Larissa's scripts...please send ASAP."

Jérôme Paillard, 

Cannes Intl. Film Festival

"We need more female independent producers. I look forward to seeing more from Larissa."

Alex Grinyayev,
 Delta Air Lines

"Larissa is very adaptive...she can pick up missing details on the fly and get it all done."

The Independent Critic

“[Lacuna] is provocative...dark and gripping. Powerful...emotional...lingers in your psyche. An absolutely vital film to watch." 

Lisa T.,
Securian Financial

"I've been hearing rumblings that Larissa asks far too many questions. People at this company aren't used to challenging the way things have always been's disruptive and it's making some people uncomfortable. If Larissa's current project isn't ready for it, I'll assign her to a different team...Larissa is far too good of a designer to lose."

Kevin Kruse,



The Black List

"Wicked Recoil offers adrenaline-fueled action scenes...a testament to the writer's prose..."

Florian Weghorn,

Berlin Intl. Film Festival

"Larissa shows great promise as a rising filmmaker."

The Black List

"Wicked Recoil is a thrilling dark action comedy in the vein of the Coen Brothers' best and snappy."

The Black List

"Susanna's Doll is devastatingly sad and cute at the same time. So sweet...the viewer is rooting for [the main character]."

The Black List

"Susanna's Doll utilizes animation to it's fullest. Vibrant...unfolds at a breakneck pace...the story injects some welcome freshness into the classic Santa tale."

The Black List

"Susanna's Doll is very smart...excellent humor that appeals to kids as well as really shines."

The Black List

"Susanna's Doll is sure to delight children and parents alike and is very commercially viable."

The Black List

"Wicked Recoil's ingenious premise is unique and highly entertaining. The dramatic irony is really wonderful....standout...absolutely thrilling action."

The Black List

"No Such Thing as Dragons is rich and full of surprises...incredibly cute and endearing."

The Black List

"No Such Thing as Dragons is beautifully wrought...imaginative."

The Black List

"Fantastic sequences....No Such Thing is charming and captivating."

The Black List

"Bizarre, yet endearing...No Such Thing as Dragons is progressive and satisfying."

The Black List

"No Such Thing as Dragons offers a bittersweet reminder of the brief wonderment of childhood...fantastic."

Dan Everett,


"My client is very impressed. They've spoken with a number of senior level architects and [Larissa] is the only one they're interested in."

Candice Georgiadis,
 Authority Magazine

"I had the pleasure of interviewing Larissa Lowthorp as part of my series about social media stars using their platform to make a significant social impact...[Larissa is] person of enormous influence..."

Lizet Esquivel,

"I have a lifelong love of fashion and a strong passion for highlighting the work of incredible women...Larissa is a woman who inspires!"

Anne Kopas,
Northfield Now Magazine

"Lowthorp is embracing her taste for the whimsical, turning it into a business concept that refuses to think inside the box as much as Lowthorp herself."


Holly Dinella,
Photographer and travel influencer

"Thank you for helping my sister with her modeling! She says great things about you!"

S. Joranson,

"The UX work Larissa does is so far above and beyond amazing. It's made a huge impact."

Ava B.,

House of Film

Subj: Mothership animated film
"Dear Chantal,
Please send the LOI for the worldwide distribution of this wonderful film."

Steve Tenebrini,
Polaris Industries

"Larissa's going to make them flip their s***."

Larissa Lowthorp named among Women Who Inspire by Welum Magazine

WOMEN WHO INSPIRE, by award-winning writer Lizet Esquivel, is a collection of interviews with women leaders, with the objective to inspire other women - especially young girls starving for role models. With these interviews, we hope to give our viewers the courage to follow their dreams and help to overcome the obstacles in life just as they did. 

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