Larissa Lowthorp is the founder and president of the TimeJump Media entertainment and technology conglomerate. Her expertise as a leading authority on human-computer interaction is sought out by the world's top brands, who note her original approach.

Via study of human behavior, quantum theory, storytelling across history, cultures and genres, Larissa's insight into the human condition, paired with empirically validated qualitative and quantitative data, offers a strong chassis in support of organizations adapting to an ever-changing worldscape.


Larissa, the futurist.



  1. an adherent of Futurism.

  2. a person who studies the future and makes predictions about it based on current trends.


  1. relating to Futurism or the Futurists.

  2. 2. relating to a vision of the future, especially one involving the development of technology.
    "the grim urban setting of the novel would have been a futurist nightmare"

Web warrior woman

Web warrior woman

As an intern at a startup Razorfish subsidiary, Larissa was a recipient of the Web Warrior Woman Award for her work designing some of the world's first e-commerce platforms, and for programming portions of the Palm Pilot V operating system. She has been featured in numerous publications including The Wall Street Journal, and CMS Wire.

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Tech visionary

Tech visionary

Larissa conceptualized and orchestrated the architecture and design for Jennifer Lopez' Viva Movil website and e-commerce platform. Larissa is the the mind behind architecture of a groundbreaking neuromodulation training platform for the world's foremost medical technology manufacturer. Her research resulted in a net annual savings of $30mm USD, among other notable accomplishments.

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Social media pioneer

Social media pioneer

Larissa stands among the web's first bloggers and social media adopters. She remains on the cutting edge of technology developments and keeps pulse on evolution of the digital privacy sector. An early website of Larissa's was mentioned a New York Times profile on webmasters of the "teen domain scene," whose activities set the stage for modern blogs, digital communities and personal websites.




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"Simply put, Larissa is fantastic...the cream of the crop...ideas far ahead of her time and us mere mortals."